A little humor at the race (Read 1272 times)

Feeling the growl again

    Nice job stadjak.

    "If you want to be a bad a$s, then do what a bad a$s does.  There's your pep talk for today.  Go Run." -- Slo_Hand


    I am spaniel - Crusher of Treadmills



      I should have thought of that in my last race.



      HA! That makes me laugh...I'll keep this in mind for my 5K this weekend. Imagining some non-runner saying this to me when I've given it my all and still not gotten a PR, should make me mad enough to GET the PR, LOL.

        I like the raise your hand one the best. It's good to see some new ones now and then. A couple of years ago I was doing the kansas city marathon on a cold day and this guy walked onto the course directly in front of me, opened his long trenchcoat and exposed the tiny pair of underwear as the only clothes he had on. I cracked up laughing. Those 'signs' are good too.