Just finished my first run... (Read 248 times)


    Cool!  Welcome to the adventure!

    The Irreverent Reverand

      Great job getting started. Welcome to the club.

      Husband. Father of three. Lutheran pastor. National Guardsman. Runner. Political junkie. Baseball fan.

      PRs: 3:27 marathon; 1:41 half; 45:07 10K; 23:26 5K; 6:02 mile; <12 parsecs Kessel Run


        Good job and Keep it up! Welcome to the group...

          Congratulations!  Running is a great thing to do both for you and your family.  Having something for you (running) helps your brain as much as your body, in my experience.  Keep it up.

          Ky JohnTerry

            Awesome. You have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. Keep us posted and we'll keep you motivated.