Flying Pig Marathon - Cincinnati May 4 - Race report (Read 72 times)




    Very well organized event.  Great crowd support. Some hills in the first half. The numerous water stations at every mile is much appreciated. Big thumbs up to this race. A great candidate for the first marathon as the crowd gives you a boost every time you need one.


    The best big city marathon I have run so far.

      I ran it twice and the half once and it was by far the best crowd support of the other 4 I've run. Once you get past the hill from 6-8 miles it's glorious. Two years ago it was 80 degrees at mile 18 and they started handing out ice cold towels at the aid stations and that sold (and spoiled) me.

      Tar Heel Mom


        Interesting. When I ran it, I thought the start was a giant clusterfuck. I never even got to my corral, it was so crowded and messy and disorganized. I also hated the hills. Worst race ever (for me). Glad you liked it. You won't see me there again.