Oops, I fartleked (Read 638 times)

    Blush Sorry, that joke does not and will not get old to me! Anyhow, I've done some speedwork on the treadmill, but I hate hate hate it. I'm not really near a track either (well, I sort of am, but am without car, so.) I've always been a little ... I dunno, apprehensive about doing fartleks. The idea of unstructured speedwork seemed weird to me, but I decided to try it tonight. I just ran for a little bit, then sprinted/ ran hard for a block or two. I ended up at an 8:16 pace for 6 miles (normally around 8:40ish). It was a lot more fun and interesting than regular speedwork, although me running fast ("fast") is not a pretty sight! Tongue
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      I love farlek'ing! BTW, my very favorite sticker on my car (well, I only have a couple and they are on the back window) is "Who Farlek'd?" Big grin k

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        I have done fartlek work outs in the past but not on a regular basis. They are good to add some variety to the run.
          I love to fartlek. I have been fartleking with my wife and trying an interesting form for a couple weeks. I run with my wife who is coming back to running. She will run at a slower pace while I sprint or run at a faster pace then I turn around and run back to her, then repeat the with something new. I even run backwards to her sometimes. Just to keep it fresh. Dick