Andriod App for pre-mapped route navigation? (Read 41 times)

    Is there an Android app that can act like a car navigator telling me when to turn left or right?


    Basically I want to map my marathon route and run with it.

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      I guess you could use ViewRanger.  It's aimed at hikers.


      But I would not want to deal with that while running.  When trying new routes, if there's more than a couple turns, I write on my arm with a Sharpie.  I am fancy like that.

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        Hi David,


        I have an Android phone. Ive been using MapMyRun and recently upgraded to the paid version. (paid $15 for a year- they are having sales all the time off the normal $30 a year price) -


        Anyway- below is a picture of a test I did to try what you were looking to do. It does not say "TURN LEFT in 5 FT" but then again, lets think about this, you are running. Sometimes on paved roads, sometimes on paved trails, sometimes through a parking lot. My point is, sometimes the turns and "BEAR LEFT" could get annoying, and frankly are impractical to expect from mapping technology, unless you stick 100% to roads. In which case- I will come up with a solution for that (soon)


        The picture below is just an example. I went online, drew up a route around where I was. I was unable to draw a loop through the parking lot, but, it still did the job. The red line is me actually doing the route, it was live updated with the route on the screen the whole time. Took me a minute to get oriented (1st attempt) and I didnt want to go exactly on the route (obstacles) but I knew how close or far I was from my plan the whole time.


        Steps: go online and draw route; send route to phone (assuming youve already downloaded the MapMyRun app) then open the email, click OPEN ROUTE - The app opens and it works.


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          Ok - I GOT IT!


          Google maps lets you send a link to, email, or GPS.


          I sent the Google Map Link to email, and opened the email on my phone, and opened the link with Google Maps. The route comes up, then click the arrow at the bottom of the screen, this opens the navigation. This allows you to get audio directions. TAH DAH!


          You can hear and see the upcoming turn pretty clearly. (white arrow on map + audio + distance till turn at top of screen) 


          RUN SAFE.     Barefoot 1st: 6/9/13. PR: 5k=22:50 10k=47:46 HM 1:51. FM 4:28 Oct 2015 joined RUN 169!