Follow roads mapping mode (Read 440 times)


    First, I wanted to congratulate you on this great site. I use it only for biking, but it works better than any other site I've seen. I love the calendar feature - I find it helps motivate me by showing the weekly accumulated mileage. As for suggestions I can think of one that would make creating new routes easier. It would be nice to have a mapping mode that would calculate a route by following existing roads, instead of as the crow flies. I could calculate my route simply by clicking on intersections where I was turning. I don't know if this is possible with the Google mapping api, but it would be nice to have. Again - thanks for the site - great work.
      bnair, Google maps does not support the following of roads so the best you can do for now is to map out your routes manually. I have an inkling of how to do it, but I need to upgrade another piece of the site before that's possible. I'm not sure if you're aware of this. I put in some code a while back that allows you to specify your primary workout. If you go to Options (upper right hand corner), then "My Log Preferences", you can set your primary workout to cycling. What that does for you is your summary page will display your cycling data instead of running. Searching and graphing will also be switched to cycling as well. Hope this helps (a little). eric Smile