Superbowl 5K Race Report (Read 367 times)

    I have to preface this by saying that I am really not a fan of 5Ks! I much perfer longer races, but I like to do a 5K every now and then. It was pretty chilly - 20*, wind chill of around 9*. My mom and mother law did the race too -- as walkers. They met me at my place at 9:00 and we drove to the race. We picked up our packets and our tshirts (picture below) and I went outside to jog for ten minutes. I went to the bathroom before my warm up, but I had to go again Blush so I found a friendly bush. Yup, class all the way. I made it back to the starting line about 2 minutes before the race start. The gun went off and everyone started moving. The course is a very simple out and back, downhill for the first mile, slightly uphill and downhill for the second, and then uphill again for the third. Angry I hit the first mile at 6:58, which I thought was pretty freaking awesome. I hit the second mile at 15:something. The last mile was uphill AND into the wind, which was rough, but I ran as fast as my little legs would carry me. I was running neck and neck with a man toward the end. He looked at me and said pick it up! and we sprinted toward the finish. I came in at 23:07, which is a 7:27 pace. I really wanted to break 22:45 ... hopefully next time. I had to wait another 30ish minutes for my mom and mother in law to come walking (and chatting!) toward the finish. We went to breakfast after that and warmed up with tea and coffee Smile I did this race last year and finished in 23:33, so I beat last year's time.
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      [IMG]http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i77/trishielawyer/Superbowl5Ktshirt.jpg[/IMG] trying this again --- how do I put a picture in the body??
      2009: BQ?
        how's this? great job!
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          Yes! Big grin (how did you DO that?)
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