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    Saw this on slickdeals:


    Puma is offering 40% off Footwear, Apparel & Accessories, sale items as well as regularly-priced items, when you enter coupon code PUMASEP40 at checkout. Offer is valid now thru Sept 19th. Shipping is free on orders $85 or more, otherwise it's $7. Thanks wonkaucd



    Not sure if this is a good deal or not? I'm new to running and am about to shop for new shoes.

      ive never found a running shoe from puma i liked. they tend to make the toe box pretty narrow. i pretty much love them for casual shoes though. theyre really well made and last forever.

        My favorite shoe to date was a Puma, the Complete Prevail IV, but they seemed to stop making anything like that at all after that. The Faas 500 looks like the same sort of shoe though, might be worth a look if I can get it cheap enough.



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            My favorite everyday training shoe that I've ever worn is the current Puma FAAS 400.  Neutral, failry light at about 8.5oz, wide in the forefoot, good toebox room, decent cushioning for it's weight.  I got 904 miles out of my first pair and am 172 miles into my 2nd pair.  I'm buying at least one more pair with that coupon.

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