Elevation Chart bug (Read 579 times)

    I clicked the elevation chart button for the 10K I ran this weekend and I get an alert stating "Bad Elevation Point, please unselect the Elevation Chart button" or something like that. Problem is I click OK and the alert keeps popping up (endless loop somewhere in the code). The only thing I can do is kill the browser process. Here's the map causing the problem.
      I had that problem as well with a map of a bike ride I took this weekend. If it helps, I was using Firefox on Windows XP.
        Once in a while, USGS will return an invalid elevation point for the given location. I added this check to make sure the rest of the data will not be corrupted. It's just bad luck that you get multiple bad points in one map. However, it should only notify you once instead of multiple times. I'll add this to my list of bugs to fix. eric Smile