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    Here's a question, and I guess my main problem is with this. Anyone can start a user group and moderate/administer it, but what if that person happened to be, I don't know. Some nutter or extremicist? I'm not saying that anyone is but, I don't get Eric (being responsible for owning the site), allowing ANYONE to be in control of a user group, and trusting that person, just because they set up the group or administrate it?

    Educate me.

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      Eric's last reply to you seems quite specific and clear:


      "...and concluded that you were the bully.  In fact, you are attempting to bully me by starting this thread.  You harassed the members of this group and they no longer welcome you in their group.  Since the group is not private, they banned your user account.  You circumvented the restriction by creating over 100 accounts, which is in violation of my terms of use.


      As I stated in my email, you are no longer welcome on RA. ..."

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