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    I usually run in my cotton boxers under a pair of umbros.  The advantage is that I have lots of boxers, so after each run I throw them in for the week's laundry.  I only have 2 pair of shorts, so I use them all week.  This is a hygienic and cheap solution and now that I use body-glide I don't have chaffing problems, until very late in my 18mi runs.


    I recently went to buy another pair of shorts and noticed almost all the running shorts available had an inner lining like swim-trunks.  This would be incompatible with my boxers. Before I go and cut it out, I'm wondering what other men do.


    Do you own a pair of shorts for every run of the week ($$$) and use the inner-lining as underwear -- and I'd think wash them between uses.

    Or do you wear something else under the inner-lining?  I've seen people wear compression shorts under normal shorts.  But that still leaves open the question of whether they just own 5 pair of compression shorts for the week's runs.


    Or do you guys just cut out the lining and free-ball it?

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      I have enough shorts to wear a clean pair for each run - there are four of us in the house and a wash goes on most days. It's been a while since I had shorts on though, as it definitely longs weather, and I don't have enough pairs of those...

        I run in running shorts, using the brief as ... a brief.  I have enough pairs to last at least a week, and I do laundry every weekend.


        Seriously, while shorts can be ridiculously expensive, you can also get them for quite little money.  E.g., Brooks Podium shorts are $14.88 at RunningWarehouse right now (and many know how to get another 15% discount on top of that).

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          Seriously? I run in running shorts with a liner. I own like 5 pair of running shorts and they are inexpensive and last years.

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            I know this is a thread for the men but, the title captured my interest..


            my running buddy is a guy and one day when we were texting back and forth about our meet time he texted me "black underpants".


            LOL. Now he is married with 2 kids, I'm married...so it was obviously not a text meant for me. I let it go, and shortly afterwards he texted me an apology telling me that was meant for his wife. I guess she was worried he was gonna wear his loose running shorts and "free ball it" thus letting his junk be visible on our run and I don't know...maybe I would enjoy that?? haha. So...I know that he wears black brief underpants under his running shorts!! Its now our ongoing joke, I always ask him if he has his black underpants on when we run Sundays Smile


            And here I thought girls were the only ones with shorts/pants/tights issues!!


              I have six or eight pairs of running shorts, all with liners. Two workouts a day= frequent laundry. I actually have a separate clothes bin for the workout clothes. My wife runs (and cycles) with underwear under her shorts. I think that's weird.

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                I have a couple of pairs of shorts with the liners, but I don't wear them for long runs 'cause they tend to chafe.  Clean briefs with any other shorts/pants.  I haven't bought shorts in a while.  I'll be annoyed if I can't find them without the liners.

                Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.