Completed my first 50k! (Read 739 times)


    Yesterday I completed the Rocky Raccoon 50k Trail Run, my first (and maybe) my last 50k! 

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      Well first of all, the support at the race was teriffic.  Most of the volunteers are ultra marathoners, so they know what you need to get you through the course.  And the aid stations are very well stocked.  Potato chips, doughnuts, Heed, salt, candy, water, beer shots, fruit, peanut butter, bagels, gel packs, elecrolyte tabs, you name it they had it.

      The course consists of two 25K laps through beautiful Huntsville State Park. 


      The course alternates between some challenging wooded trails and some easier sections along dirt service roads.  I would say that if you come from some place very flat like Houston it's pretty challenging, but if you are from some place like Austin where hill runs are pretty common, it's fairly manageable.  Or at least that was the comments I heard along the trail. 


      As for my performance, I made my first goal, which is just to make it through the dumb thing. Honestly I would have liked a better time.  Given the fact that I tripped over a root/stump and munged up my knee on the first lap and had to run/walk the second lap, though, I feel I did pretty well.


      So overall, if you find yourself in Southeast Texas at the beginning of November, I highly recommend you put the race on your calendar.

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        Nice job. 6:40:00 is  definitely a long run.

        Run until the trail runs out.

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          Good job!!!  While it's no 50K, I just finished my first 1/2 marathon.

            This course is not dissimilar to the dearly departed Sunmart race in December (which is happening again, but not sponsored anymore).  Yeah, the HSP trails are middle of the road as these things go... which means they ain't easy.  For example, I ran the Sunmart 50 miler there last year and fell on my face 6 or 7 times.  Yay.


            Maybe you'll change your mind and do another one :-).


            I almost came down to do this race.  Instead I hung out in Dallas and ran the Ft Worth Marathon this morning.


            There's also the Rocky Raccoon 50/100 miler held in the same place in Jan or Feb.



              thank you all for the support.


              @srlopez -> thanks for the info, it's nice to know that even experienced runners trip/fall on those courses.  Maybe I will give it another shot someday...who knows!

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                50k. Man I can't even think of running that far for that long! Great job! And don't sweat falling down, I've been known to trip in parking lots and tear holes in my knees and clothing!

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