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    Has anyone here participated in the Philadelphia Marathon before? I'm planning on doing it this year, due to the fact that I wanted something in early November. With my work travel and time needed to get ready, this one was the only one that allowed me to get in a sufficient training plan. It sounds like a good one, but I do not know of anyone that has done it before.
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      I have done the half-marathon before...I'm running the marathon this year (maybe i'll see you there)...I grew up in Philly...I may be able to answer some question...fire away!

        I've run Philly 2x and am returning again this year -- 2 weeks after NYC Smile Fast course and great for spectators. My family was able to see me about four times during the race without having to travel very far. The most challening part is the out and back from miles 14-26. Starting at mile 14, you go out to Manayunk (sp?) at mile 20 and turn around to run back on the same road to the finish line. If you're a real back of the pack runner, it might be tough seenig a lot of runners returning from teh turnaround while you still have to get to mile 20. Well organized and very family friendly. The years I've run have had good weather if you like cool racing temps.

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          I hopefully will be around for it. I just did the half the other weekend. That was so-so. Hopefully at the full, the bathroom situation is better handled (the half was sorely lacking toilets).