Personal Records - Auto per course (Read 547 times)

    A neat feature would be - (in the personal records section) - a button you could press to autosearch all your courses and display the best time (and workout) per course. great site - my first race is this Sunday. thanks - Julian

      That's a good idea, but if possible, make it optional? (maybe an on/off checkbox like you have for 'retired' shoes?) I have many courses listed and I think if they were all in my PR section it might be overly crowded and confusing. Alternately, perhaps PRs for races could be displayed seperately from PRs for regular courses? Or maybe display a "fastest time" value in the view of each course? I'm sure whatever you decide will be fine. Just thought I'd make some noise! Big grin Love this site and this forum! Thanks for all the great work, Eric!
        Hi guys, You can already do this, although it's not as straight forward as clicking on the PR tab. To find the PR for a course, go to your course list, and click on the name of the course. That will list all runs on that course. You can then sort it by pace and the one on top is your PR. Alternatively, you can do the same thing using the search page. Listing PRs for all courses on one page might not be as relevant because each course is different. If you're not detailed in your record keeping, you might run different distances on the same course, which would throw off your records. What do you think? eric Smile
          yea - it works fine - I dont think any additional changes are required. Cool cheers - Julian