Acid Reflux and running (Read 395 times)


    Hi All, Hope this is the right place for this. I am wanting to know if there is any one else out there suffering from Acid Reflux. I was taking aciphex and just got switched to priloseic. Had a bad attack of the acid reflux this past weekend. Doc said it a spasm of the esophagus and it hurt like hell, that was the first time in a few years it had got that bad, finally went away after two sprites and a helluva burp. I am watching what I am eating, my weight has gone from 325 in November to 293 as I write this. Running has been my savior. Any one having the same problem with the reflux and how do you deal with it? Doc said the next step will be the scope an dpossible surgery and I do not want that. Anyhelp and I would be grateful. Thanks Big Daddy