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eric :)

    Is there a printer friendly button for these calendars? I tried just printing from the browser but the fonts all came out small. I was going to print my plan out to put on the fridge. Other than that, a way of making a note without miles might be nice. Like for rest days, or "stretch" days like in Higdon's plans.


    If you print from the view page, and change the page orientation to landscape, then everything should be pretty readable.

    eric :)

      Good suggestions. One work-around I was just using was to use the "other" category for rest days. You could do the same for reminders of any kind I think (it allows free-text). It won't tally in your running miles since it's not classified as a run. 


      One thing I noticed is the existence of "Off Day" entries in training plans.  Why is that needed?  Wouldn't an empty day indicate no workouts?

      eric :)

        My only question is why does a 4 week training plan say 5 weeks on the summary page etc.?


        This could be a bug, or it could be caused by the first day of week.  I don't remember which is which, but it's something like if your first day of the week is Sunday, and if the system stores the training plan data with Monday as the first day of the week, then the first Sunday will introduce an additional week.  This is just my guess.  I will need to look at the data to confirm, and then fix it.

        eric :)

          Just a note that in Chrome 11 on linux (Debian 6.0), Shift-click won't copy a planned workout, but Ctrl-click does copy the workout.  Obviously, not a big issue, just a system-dependent little quirk.  When in doubt, start pressing all the modifier keys!


          Originally, I used Ctrl for copying, then I realized that the Mac doesn't have the Ctrl key so I switched to Shift, but decided to continue to support the Ctrl key.  It turns out that Safari doesn't always report the Shift key is depressed so I'll probably remove the Shift.  However, the Alt key on the Mac is equivalent to the Ctrl key on the PC.


          Every browser behaves differently when it comes to detecting which key is pressed.  Chrome on Linux is probably having a similar problem as Safari.


            Thanks for the updates - this comes at a great time for me...


            As for iCal. iCal is pretty much the standard, and I would vote for supporting it as well. Most sites (some larger than this, solely support iCal, and most top calendar apps support iCal). So you could just do iCal and be done with it.




            Creating the feed is also not overly complex.


            As for your question "Where does it end?" - it ends at iCal.  



            This probably won't be added because if I create something for iCal, then someone else would want the same for some other calendar.  Where does it end?

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            Maggie & Molly

              I just want to say YOU ROCK. 

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                Eric rules.  Always.

                  I never really wanted this feature, but having seen it I must say, WOW.  You are pretty awesome, Eric.

                  Runners run.



                    I was actually using the calendar for this purpose. It's not unhandy. But the planner ROCKS!

                    Quite convenient timing too as I'm starting my training next July, 25th. And planning is (for me at least) part of the fun !


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                    Hold the Mayo

                      I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "drop in".  What's the difference between "dropping it in" and adding a race entry to an existing plan?  You can mark the entry as race and leave the distance field empty, which seems to do what you're asking.


                      Sorry Eric, by drop in I meant enter, or add - I quickly got used to the drag and drop feature so I guess I started thinking of adding another run into a day or week as dropping it in Smile.  I tried adding a race with the distance field empty, but then the weekly summary changed from counting total miles to counting the quantity of planned runs  (i.e. from "Run 38 miles" to "Run 8 times").  I was looking for a way to put the possible race on there and still have the total miles planned for the week show.

                      I ended up putting entries in for my "maybe" races, with 0.01 miles in the distance field.  It kept the weekly mileage calculation but didn't change the total for the week enough to make a difference.  I may also try playing around with the suggestion Ennay had, of creating an "Optional" category.


                      Now, off to get in my 3 for today the summary screen is reminding me I should be doing!  Thanks again, Eric!

                        Not sure if this was mentioned yet -- I don't have time right now to read all the comments:


                        - I did see csv import as a suggestion -- I'll add my vote for that

                        - it'd be good to be able to set end date, and number of weeks -- that's how I usually run my plans, based on a goal race -- that may already be a feature, but it didn't look like it


                        thanks!  I'll most definitely use this one.

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                        Michael Rohlf

                          Great idea, but my god this training plan feature is frustrating! I spent a lot of time entering information in, but the program WILL NOT accept data on the dates I enter it. It looks right when I'm entering it, but then when I save and look at my calendar everything is shifted forward one week. I repeatedly tried to shift the date range but it just won't work right. All it does it leave the data on the wrong week and add blank weeks (which I can't delete) on the beginning and/or end of my plan. 


                          Goodnight Monkey

                            One thing I noticed is the existence of "Off Day" entries in training plans.  Why is that needed?  Wouldn't an empty day indicate no workouts?


                            An empty cell can mean a number of things, including that I have not yet decided what to put into it yet. An explicit "off day" takes away the anxiety of seeing an empty cell.


                            Goodnight Monkey

                              However, the Alt key on the Mac is equivalent to the Ctrl key on the PC.


                              For copy and paste, it is the command () key, not the Alt key.

                              Michael Rohlf

                                Ok, got it to accept entries in the right dates by laboriously moving each week (of 18) one by one.