Broken rib? Bruised lung? (Read 604 times)

Wasatch Speedgoat

    I was running on Friday on some trails here in Nm and my toe caught on a looped wire and I fell face first off of a 2.5 foot drop off. I must have landed on my fist on my upper chest because it hurts to breathe and my wrist is cut. My face also got some road rash from it hitting as a final insult. I got up dazed and after a few minuted started to jog to see if there were any aches anywhere and other than the scratches burning from the salt and dirt, I only had a dull ache in my upper chest that felt like someone stabbed me. I felt it deep within going out my back. Anyway, I tried to do some running this weekend and although it was very slow, I got in 27 miles (over 2 days) and today was able to do my usual run, but not until after I loaded up with Vit I. I have a 50 mile race in 6 weeks, so hopefully it's gone by then! Shocked

    Life is short, play hard!

      Ouch - the irony of trying to be healthy and then something like that happens. Roll eyes Any lingering pains from the fall? Were you alone? I just thought of how if you would have been knocked out from the fall was there someone around that could have seen you?


        Walk it off. Rub dirt on it. Big grin (Seriously I hope you bounce back quick and don't lose any training for the 50)

        Runners run.

          Big grin I love that saying!! It's the cure-all.
          Rub dirt on it.


          You'll ruin your knees!

            Seems like when you least expect it, BAM, down you go! Everything locks up in crash mode and all muscles tighten up for a while... Take care and hopefully, all will be good for the 50... Lynn B

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