Importing a Log from Daily Mile (Read 882 times)


    I've got some friends who currently log on DailyMile and they have expressed interest in RunningAhead. They just need to be able to take thier logs with them. DailyMile does an export into a csv table in the formet below. I see a couple of the import tools from other sites are csv format. Is it possible to find out what those formats are so maybe this data can be rearranged in a way that one of those import tools will work?

    <colgroup> <col width="75" /> <col width="87" /> <col width="59" /> <col width="42" /></colgroup>
    date activity_type distance(m) time(sec)

      I thought I created a Daily Mile importer but I guess not.  If the file is that simple, I can create an importer pretty quickly.  Could you send me a file for testing?

      The Irreverent Reverand

        Any update on the Daily Mile importer? It's a CSV files with five columns: 

        date, activity type, distance (in meters), time (in seconds), and felt (ie, good, great, alright, etc.).


        I have 250 miles worth of logs on Daily Mile (not originally from Garmin, but simply from my stopwatch and their course mapping tool) that I would like to import into Running Ahead. Eric, if I can find your email address, I'll send you my Daily Mile CSV file.




        UPDATE: I saw the DM importer there. I just did the import, and it said that there might be a delay until the data is displayed. Just waiting, now, to see if it works. Thanks.


        UPDATE 2.0: It worked. Thanks!

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