A fork in the road of life. (Read 476 times)

    Standing in REI (which btw, is PACKED with a line that goes around half the store!) looking in the little glass display at Garmins. Come to find out, they do still have the 301. It's $199. The 305 is $209 after rebate. I ask what the real difference is and the guy says not much...just better reception=more accuracy. Asks if I've had a problem and of course, I live in SD, there's nothing to interrupt my reception. So there I stand. Upgrade or not? I try on the 305...last notch and it still flops over around my wrist. I must have a 5in wrist or sumptin. Dead I tell the guy I'm gonna take it for a run tomorrow, can I bring it back if it doesn't work? He said of course. Cool Which is what I love to hear. So I got it. I'm going to go out and buy a sweat band and see if I can get the darn monster to fit over that. I think it will definitely be more comfortable. I'm glad I get to try this one out and that old faithful is still there if I need it, kwim? I haven't read the manual. Anyone want to just tell me how much better it's going to be? I hate reading manuals.
    Jennifer mm#1231