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    Last Saturday after a very minor snowstorm I went out for a run. The plow has just went around the block. How bad could it be? Pretty bad. The wet snow was compacted into a very icy surface. I slipped & fell hard on my butt not a hundred feet from my driveway. I was actually going to keep going but in the .4 mile I went around the 'hood I nearly fell 3 more times. I haven't run in 8 days. My butt is sore. I don't think I broke my tailbone, from what I read online, I bruised the hell out of something. It's a little sore walking & doing a deadlift type movement hurts. Not fun when you're feeding a pellet stove. I just went out for a short run. My stride was shorter and it was a little sore running uphill but noticeably sorer going downhill. I got home and had a bit of throbbing pain but it has subsided. The pain is right between the top of my cheeks. If I press there I don't pain. Raising my legs, not so much. Does this sound familiar to anyone? How long should I expect it to heal? I'm not going to the doctor for this. I figure to keep running a little bit & let time take it's course.

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      I busted my ass in August 2009.  I eventually saw a doc (for something else, but since he was imaging my knee I had him check my ass too).  It wasn't broken.  It hurt constantly for about 6 months.  Sitting was uncomfortable for several more years.  I vastly preferred a hard to soft chair, and had trouble standing from the sitting position.  It still aches if I sit for a long time or in certain positions (which is a lot of sitting positions.)  For me, though, it actually didn't hurt when I ran.  I was able to run almost immediately.

        I had a similar experience 3-4 winters ago; I couldn't really run at all for about a week, and it took another 1-2 weeks to get back to normal.  If you can jog a few easy miles every day or two and the discomfort is gradually waning, then I'd guess it will take care of itself before too long.


          I fell going off a slider box downhill skiing March 2nd 2013.  I landed on the right half of my low back, upper hip - glute.  I continued to run, but had extreme pain.  The pain was knifing in my back, but almost worse it shortened my stride.  I gave up in June and just started back January.  It is a lot better, but if I push too hard it will tighted up and I will have to take a few days off.  I am trying to find the right spot between training hard and training too hard.

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            I've busted my tailbone a few times…all back when I was a kid/teen.  I clearly recall being unable to even sit for days after one break.  To this day my tailbone is arthritic.  Sometimes if I sit too long in one place or in a bad position or surface (like our basement sofa) it will ache.  I think running has really helped minimize this, though.  I had mild arthritis in my knees going back to puberty, too (I could predict cold fronts with my knees hours before the meteorologists would predict them).  Running has definitely helped that immensely.


            In the short term, though, if you did bust your coccyx (heh), I'm thinking you may want to take it easy for a few more days and let things heal.  There's not really anything else you can do for a busted tailbone.

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