Does the mojo come back? (Read 784 times)


    Kim, I am signed up for 2013 and with a somewhat aggressive goal. That'll help jumpstart things for sure.


    Some good tips here, thanks everyone. It's comforting to know that the blahs happen. I'm in this for the long run (ha, no pun intended), I'm not too concerned about the minor slump, I just want it to be done with! Here's looking forward to a fresh start in the new year. 


      Question for you long time runners who went through a slump - did you have a period where you just didn't feel like running but you did anyway - and then the joy of it came back? I'm not really looking for a kick in the butt, I still run every day, it just feels blah more than wow and I'm waiting for the blahs to pass!


      I can't really blame it on the weather - at least not that much. In sunny CA, in the Bay Area, it never really gets too bad. I can't really blame it on any injuries. The little niggles are there, but they pass within a mile or so. I PR'ed in my last marathon and need to start on the next plan in a couple of weeks, but am sorta dreading training through the blahs!


      Anyone got a cure for the running blahs?


      I hit a minor case of Overtraining syndrome (OTS) this time last year. While OTS can come through high mileage (I averaged 120 MPW for 6 months), the actual cause of OTS appears to be more around lack of recovery from stress. My reading suggests that OTS is really 'training related major depression'.


      More at http://fellrnr.com/wiki/Overtraining and http://fellrnr.com/wiki/Overtraining_Syndrome