Maps not working? (Read 564 times)

    Eric, All of a sudden I can't see my route maps. There is a big blank space where the route should be and it says "0 miles" at the top. This is the same whether accessing "view" or "edit". I'm using IE6 on my PC at work. Is the problem at my end or yours do you think?
      Hi booster cogburn, I looked at one of your maps and it is working for me. Is this problem specific to a particular map? Have you tried forcing your browser to refresh and see if that helps? eric Smile
        It's all the maps and "refresh" doesn't help. If things are ok at your end I reckon it's probably a firewall issue or something similar which is preventing the page from displaying correctly. Thanks for checking it out for me.
          Help me visualize your problem. You're looking at the map page, and everything looks ok (i.e. the map's tool bar is there, the window for the map is there, etc), except the map is blank? What color is the blank space? White, or gray?
            That's it exactly. The space where the map should be is white. I have had a couple of colleagues try it on their PCs and they are getting the same thing. Just found this though. Right in the bottom left of the window in IE where it says "done" or sometimes "error on page" there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. A double click on the exclamation mark gives the following error report: Line: 5 Char: 5 Error: 'GMap2' is undefined Code: 0 URL: http://www.runningahead.com/maps/b9d9e3b985b6485da1ea18dec28e8ad2 Does that make any sense to you? Thanks again.
              Thanks for the last bit of info. Yes, the problem is on your end. Your browser is unable to obtain the Google scripts that create the map, probably because your company's blocking Google maps or something.
                Choh! What are they like? Accessing Google maps like that could cause untold damage to our system couldn't it? Roll eyes Ho hum. Many thanks for looking at this and have a happy thanksgiving dealy. (I believe that's about now over on your side of the pond isn't it?)