Swimming support (Read 432 times)


    Hi all,


    I was downloading a swimming workout from my Garmin swim but was only able to see the statistics for the whole intervals, but not lap-by-lap times or SWOLF statistics like on Garmin Connect. Is this functionality somewhere hidden or not yet supported in RunningAhead?


    Also it would be really great to be able to edit individual laps and reassign laps between workouts. This is would give RunningAhead a true edge over Garmin Connect.


      If you send me the data files for your swim workouts, I can add additional support for swimming.  I'll send you a private message with my email address.


      eric Smile




          Hi Eric,

          I bought the Garmin Swim, fantastic!
          I wanted to know, if it were possible, in addition to import SWOLF also the number of strokes and
          the type of style for each interval.
          I can send all the files needed (tcx or tell me what you need).
          Thanks .. Runninghead is simply the best software in the world! Smile