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    I am a runner and run everyday. Usually only 3 to 4 miles a day. I am writting in this forum because I am currently in a research class and conducting research on Saucony running shoes, trying to find out what the target market is for the brand. I am trying to find out how runners feel about the brand and why? Also, if you feel comfortable with giving your age, ethnic background, yearly income and which region you live in would help me a great deal. I appreciate your help! Thank you.


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        No, this is not spam. I am trying to find this information for my assignment. I am in a Consumer Behavior class through the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and we are to find more information about a product or service and consumer behavior. I chose Saucony running shoes because those are the shoes of my choice when I run.

          Ok. I'll help out since I've had to do research surveys before too in various classes.


          My impression of Saucony is that they are a very reliable brand.  I have never gotten hurt wearing a pair of Saucony trainers.  Currently I have a pair of Ride 5 with 600+ miles on them.  They are a very durable shoe.  I've also worn the Kinvara and find those ok.   They are not as "exciting" of a brand as some of the new ones out there but I don't buy running shoes based on their wild colors and how exciting they look.


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            I am on my 5th or 6th pair of Saucs..currently the Ride 7. I needed a good neutral shoe with my own orthotics. I love the fit, almost no break in , and the colors of course.  I am 51, female, from the Chicago suburbs.

              I have a very favorable opinion of Saucony; I've always preferred their fit to Brooks and ASICS, two other brands that I've tried to like. I also think Saucony's shoes are generally more attractive than most other brands.


              The Kinvara 2 is my favorite of the 10+ pairs of running shoes I've purchased over the past 3-4 years.


              I'm a Caucasian male, 50+ years old from the Northeastern U.S. My yearly income is... NOYB, sorry!

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                I absolutely LOVE the Kinvara 5's.  The 4's were a disaster (narrow toe box) and the 3's were also very good.  But the 5's feel like I am running in comfortable slippers.


                Also wear the Guides from time to time as a recovery shoe


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                  I love my saucony's.. right now.


                  I used to love my brooks, and before that, my asics.  I rotated out of each brand following injuries. (Though, to be honest, those injuries were not caused by the shoes, and I'm sure I could go back to those brands without a problem).


                  I don't care about colour.  I care about fit, and I've been comfortably running in the guide's for a while now (which is good, 'cause I have 3 unworn pairs in my closet).  I also care about price - but the biggest price difference happens when crossing the border (Can/US) rather than among brands.. I also tend to purchase a bunch of pairs at once (old model when the new model comes out).  Durability comes into play in the cost area as well - I want to get 500 miles out of my shoes, at least.


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                    You see in the above responses most people writing about the shoe features and fit. Not much about how inspirational / aspirational the brand is, or folks “finding their strong” when they put on Sauconys.


                    Running shoes are a bit of an odd duck with a good chunk of the folks you’ll reach through this forum (fairly avid, semi-“serious” hobby joggers who care enough about running to log our miles) – a whole lot of us are not brand loyal at all. It’s all about function. I’ve run my last 2000 miles or so (and just bought a new pair yesterday) in Saucony Virratas. They work for me. But I would like them if they were made by some other company, and the only color they came in was crap brown with yellow laces. As soon as they change them to the point they no longer work for me, I’ll look for another affordable comfortable neutral low profile trainer. In the last 5 years I’ve worn shoes from Saucony, New Balance, Nike, Skechers, Newton and Brooks.


                    Good luck with your project.

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                      I agree with everything Ntown said and would add that a thread like this is just not the right vehicle to collect this type information. I'm assuming you're using more than this thread but even still you'll get a serious amount of sampling bias here (and in every individual medium). Plus a lot of people post here under their real names or at least don't do anything to hide their real identities so many are going to be unlikely to want to share PII such as their age, ethnicity, income, and region on a public forum.


                      At least set up a survey monkey and use a thread to drive people to it.


                      Plus, yeah, this kind of  is spam since you're not a regular participant on these forums and seem to have just set up an account for no other reason than to solicit help on your project but at least it's the fairly benign kind since  you're not selling anything.


                      I do run in Sauconys quite regularly.

                      Runners run.


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                        I have run in Sauconys for the last 4 years. Why? Because they fit me and they are comfortable. I've owned various Guides, Rides, and Kinvaras. My favorite is the Kinvara. To me most other shoes feel too hard. I like the luxury ride of the Kinvaras. Unfortunately, Saucony has stopped making Kinvaras in a wide. I need the wide size. Therefore I am now running in Hokas. If I find another shoe Saucony makes that fits me I will buy it.


                        A bit of history - I live in eastern PA and was told that Saucony used to be a local company and was one of the first companies to make running specific shoes. I do not know if that is true but it adds to beer time conversations!


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                              I used to wear Saucony Hurricanes for years when a store told me I overpronate. These days I apparently don't since another store told me I don't and I've been running injury-free in the Saucony Triumph 10. I do rotate with the Asics Nimbus 15 and will likely be trying the New Balance 1080v4 just to have a little variation in my collection, however I enjoy the Triumph and will continue wearing them until they upgrade the model beyond recognition, which every shoe manufacturer does eventually.

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                                Oh, the original question, love my Sauconys, that's all I wear, 9 pairs in active rotation at the moment (includes racing and trail shoes), with three more waiting in the closet.  It was sheer randomness that put me in Sauconys.  When I first started running, I wore my cross trainers that were just my regular sneakers (New Balance), then I decided to get real running shoes and went to a regular shoe store and just happened to pick a pair of Sauconys (I think they were on sale).  I liked them, and then as I got more serious, I branched out into other models.  I never really thought to try out other brands until I was pretty serious about running, tried a pair of New Balance running shoes (since I had liked their cross trainers for regular kicks before) and hated them, so I've stuck with Saucony ever since.


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