Problem with Log Summary Screen (Read 98 times)


    The Log Summary screen has displayed this for 2 or 3 days now ...


    Scheduled maintenance

    RunningAHEAD.com is currently offline for scheduled maintenance. The update may take up to several hours to complete so go for a run, or two.



    Everything else in my training log is working fine. Is the Summary screen really under maintenance or is there something I can do to clear this up on my end?


      Eric had the site down for about 30 minutes a couple nights ago.  That was the page displayed during that time.  Since then, my log summary page has been a ok.  It sounds like your browser has cached that page and is being very stubborn about it.  If refresh (via f5 or your browser's menu) doesn't clear it up, consider clearing your browser's history and getting a fresh start.





        I cleared the cache in Firefox. I'm able to get the summary screen by entering the URL http://www.runningahead.com/logs, but hitting the summary button still results in that message. I might have to clear out all history.