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    Been reading this forum for a few days. Really needed to get off the couch. Did my first run today. Just 1 mile. Walked 1/8 and jogged 1/8 of a mile alternating. I'm 38. 6'2" and 225lbs. Same old story. Used to be very active. Played every sport, etc... I really need to find something I can fit into my busy life with the job, 3 kids, 2 dogs.... Hope this is it. I'm doing this primarily to lose weight and feel better. I'd like to get to 185-190lb range which I was 4 years ago. Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to the support and guidance of this forum. Cheers, Eric

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      Always pleased to have another Eric on the board! Most of ours are missing anyhow. Welcome to RA and congrats on the decision to run. I'm benched at the moment with a double stress fracture but RA is my way of staying in touch with my running commitment! Look forward to hearing your progress. Claire xxx
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        Hi, Eric! Come join us in the "Jiggly Joggers" group (in my signature)...we're all in the same weight loss boat and it's an excellent place for motivation and support (and a kick in the butt when needed). We're getting ready to start our Fall challenge in just another couple of weeks, too. Smile k

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          Welcome! This is a great forum. Glad you decided to join. Take it easy starting up, and you'll enjoy it!
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            Hola, Eric welcome to RA. Congratulations on your commitment to health! I am pretty new here also and I have found a tremendous amount of motivation and information here, you have come to the right place.

              Just so y'all know, I am proud to report I am still at it 100%! I'm sure you're used to people popping in and then perhaps giving up after a week or two. I've just been too busy to post. I'm following the C25K program pretty closely. This week I FINALLY feel like my legs are adjusting and getting stronger. The tough part is keeping myself from going too hard too fast. I can't wait to get through the program so I can start pushing myself. Also....the diet part is working great. Just counting calories. I've averaged 1750/day since I started. That Excel calculator has been great. I started about 223 and am at 214 lbs after about 4 weeks. The first 4-5 came off quick but it's been about 1.5lbs per week loss after that. I am very conscious about not eating too little because I do not want to get into starvation mode. The pants are looser....i've got a spring in my step........ man, what took me so long!?!?!?

                Congrats, Moondog, that's great news! Keep it up!
                  Greetings, Eric, and Welcome! There are a bunch of us on this site who have used RA as a support and motivation tool to losing weight. The good news is that there is a ton of support and really good advice here from runners of just about every ability level.

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                    Welcome, Eric. Great place to stay motivated and be encouraged! Cool Not to mention the awesome wit and side-splitting humor of the likes of Claire and Zoomers you'll see on here. Big grin

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                      Not to mention the awesome wit and side-splitting humor of the likes of Claire and Zoomers you'll see on here. Big grin
                      Side-splitting humor...is side-splitting the new euphemism for "lame, sick, pathetic"...? Tongue k

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