What to do with old shoes? (Read 1029 times)

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    What does everyone do with old shoes? I retired some shoes a few weeks ago and they look perfectly fine. Seems like a waste to just throw them out. I don't like them enough to wear them as an everyday shoe. Any other ideas?

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      I cut my grass in mine or relegate them as fishing shoes. I don't actually use them as fish bait, I don't think I would catch anything, but rather, WEAR them when I am fishing. Big grin

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        Lawn shoes, generally. Some that aren't in too bad of shape will get some screws put in the bottom for lake running in the winter. I don't generally keep them, though, because they are so broken down that I don't want to get an injury by walking around in them a lot. See if there is any local recycling centers that will take them. The rubber soles can be used to create tracks and such.

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          I don't have personal experience with any of these programs, but found this general listing: http://www.runtheplanet.com/shoes/selection/recycle.asp

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            I use them on cross training/weight days. I don't need all the cushioning on the bike or eliptical like when I'm running.
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                You can donate them to organizations that re sole them and donate them.
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                  I use them at the gym... Cheaper than buying cross-trainers and more comfortable... and the lessened cushioning doesn't seem to affect me on a treadmill or elliptical.....
                    Nike has a Reuse-a-Shoe program. In the left menu, clicking on United States, and then Drop-off Locations, will get you to a map of places you can leave the old stinkers.

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                      i donate some, keep some for rafting/camping/dog walking/gardening shoes. also the ones i've only ever run in never really get smelly, so i have in the past cleaned up the outsides and piled a bunch of pairs into a giant basket for a big object-object matching work in my classroom. sometimes it can actually be pretty challenging-- from year-to-year, some models only change very slightly. i've had kids checking out the wear patterns on the soles trying to make a match when they weren't sure. it's been a pretty popular work in the past before (lots of visual discrimination and detail discrimination skill involved, reinforces Left & Right, appeals to the tactile sense also and the naturalist sense of order, etc, and it ties into our nutrition/exercise/health studies, and can be tied into topics on measuring distance, mileage, etc), but i have to feel the parents out on that sort of work year-to-year. sometimes the parents are way more skeeved out about the handling of ms. michele's old running shoes than the kids are, ha. i can't believe i am admitting i've done that to anyone outside of montessori. but y'all are runners. maybe you'll understand my sneaker-love, too.


                        My local shoe store now recycles them to a shelter or to get ground up and reused (if they are in really bad shape): http://news.runtowin.com/2008/01/11/maine-running-company-now-recycles-your-old-running-shoes.html I've already offloaded a half dozen pairs of shoes (between my wife and I)

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                          Mine become every day shoes, cross training shoes, or they go to Goodwill if they still look decent and have enough life left in them to walk around in.