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    Well gang, After intermitently swimming in the saline filled pool over the winter months, biking on the trainer, again, not so consistently and running in varying temps. and conditions to build up to a fairly strong 13 miles it is now time to start putting all these disciplines to the test. I had my first "road "ride on my tri -bike. 26 miles! It was awesome!!! Today, I tried out my new wetsuit and hit the lake. Water temp. is a brisk 55 degrees. Wish I had spent more time in the pool. Will need to work on the swim. Also threw in a 2 mile run with the dog today. Anyways, first tri is June 1st. It's a sprint, a prelude of things to come. I'm also running an international or olympic dist. tri June 7th. Considering both of these events as trainings, so going in with no expectations other than finishing. My "big ' event this year is in Aug. A full half iron. So.... How's everyone else's training going?
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      Great job with the training! I'm doing my first tri in August, so I'm really new at this. In fact, I don't have a bike yet. Big grin Roll eyes I'm working on that. Hopefully this weekend. 30 miles on the stationary bike is killing me. I hope tonight is the last night I'll have to do that. I'll swim about 1000 yards in the morning and run 3 miles. 55 degree water ?? Shocked I can't imagine. Our lake is already warm enough to swim in just a bathing suit and be totally comfortable!

      TRIing to beat the heat!

        Awesome! 'Tis the season! I already completed my first tri of the season 2 weeks ago. I have two more sprint tris planned for the summer and then the MiamiMan International distance in November. I'm contemplating sticking another sprint distance in somewhere in Sept/Oct, but local racecs begin to get more difficult to find at that time of the year and wioth gas prices the way that they are, I can't keep traveling all over FL to get to races. Here is SW FL, I consider our winter months to be the more optimal time for training outdoors. It's been SO hot and humid lately (and will be so until Nov or so) that just this past week I started to move a chunk of my training indoors... dreaded treadmill runs and spinning. Good luck to everyone! I love that this running community is SO friendly to multisport athletes!

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        Sub-1:42 for half marathon √ (1:41 at Disney, Jan '12)

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          Insert quick plug for the tri group ===> http://www.runningahead.com/groups/Tri/
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          Gotta TRI

            Insert quick plug for the tri group ===> http://www.runningahead.com/groups/Tri/
            Thanks for the invite. See ya there!
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              The season comes quickly. I'll be doing an International on June 8th. This will be my tell tale if I will continue for additional Tri's later in the year or do the SF marathon on August 3rd. My goal is to hit the 70.3 in Austin 2009. Good luck everyone.


              Gotta TRI

                Headed out today to ride/run the course of the Mooseman. 28 mile bike / 6 mile run. Friday I rode / ran the sprint course I'll be doing june 1st. 12 bike / 3 run. I'll say one thing for these courses.... there are some hills!
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                  Done 2 so far this year, both sprints Kendal: 1:40 (first ever) Lancaster: 1:20 Working towards Helvellyn later in the year, for which I need to teach my body to run up hills.... Fun!