If you are a little 'under the weather', do you run or rest? (Read 467 times)

    I'm schedule to run a 10K tomorrow that starts at 8 am with the projected temperature being about 24F with a 'feesl like' temp of 19F. I was diagnosed with strep throat today. I don't have a fever, probably thanks to meds. Other than my very sore throat, I feel fine. Common sense would probably suggest that I shouldn't run. I haven't decide yet for sure what to do. I'd love to hear from those of you who have dealt with this before - is there a good rule of thumb to follow to help you decide if you should run or rest when you're 'under the weather'?
      Turns out I didn't run - it was an easy decision because I did not feel well at all! A marathon runner coach at the shoe store told me that her thumb rule is that if its affecting you in the neck or up, you're probably OK to run. But stay home if you have a fever or if its affecting your chest/lungs.

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        I think that you made a good call. I think it was Janell (who is always full of great advice) that told me the same thing about the head up rule. Get well soon! Claire xxx
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          Thanks! I'm feeling much better already. I 'ran' today, but only an easy 2 miles. I was amazed how out of gas I was. Hopefully my strength will return quickly!
            I remember how "out of gas" I felt when I was trying to come back after being out sick for a week last month. It was awful! Take care of yourself! The running strength will come back when you're better. Smile

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