Postcard Tips from Camp Marafiki (Read 300 times)

Interval Junkie --Nobby

    Two of the sub-3s I train with went to Marafiki Running Camp.  It's a week-long Kenyan running camp in New Mexico.  They enjoyed the hell out of it and came back with some interesting tid-bits:


    • The Kenyans don't count miles.  They don't wear GPS.  They run on time and pace (which might be perceived effort -- unclear).
    • Q: What do you guys (elite Kenyans at the camp) drink on long runs?  A: We don't. [Out there for 2hrs and they don't even drink water.]
    • Pace of recovery runs?  SLOW.  16:00 to 8:00.
    • They do two/three hard workouts a week and KILL IT, but the rest of the stuff is all easy (see above).
    • The rhythm of life?  Wake, run, eat, nap, run, eat, sleep repeat.

    My sub-3 (2:45 & 3:01, actually) training buddies were by far the slowest at the camp.  They had a great time.


    MTA: "Kenyans don't count miles"  missed the negative.

    2016 Goals: Lose the 10lbs I gained for not having goals


      If they convert time to miles, then they must be doing that based on perceived effort.  Unless they had a map or something.


      I am not surprised they don't drink.  Or not much.  That's the old school "duh" that got munched by the "drink before you are thirsty" crowd and the sportsdrink companies. See: Waterlogged.


      I am totally not surprised that recovery runs are slow.


      I am totally not surprised that they do a bit of fast running within a shit ton of easy running.



      WOOHOO!  Sounds like a super fun camp.  Plus New Mexico is pretty.