Asics Gel Nimbus - More cost-effective/durable alternatives? (Read 50 times)

    I'm looking for recommendations for most cost-effective/durable options for the Asics Gel Nimbus. I've been committed to the Nimbus for over 20 years. I've run almost all of my 31 marathons in them. So obviously it's a shoe that works for me.


    Here's my problem: I'm a heel striker/dragger. I shred the crap out of my back heels, the right more so than the left for some reason. For my recent Boston cycle, I think I went through at least 5 pairs.


    I'm trying to manage costs and find the best value shoe for my running gait. I am blowing through serious coin on shoes when I can only get 100 miles them or less. I suppose I can stretch them further than I am, but I can tell when they are worn down. I feel the impact.

    I ran Boston in my current Nimbus 23's. Now, I have exactly 100 miles on these shoes (click for pic).


    Any other Nimbus lovers have this problem? Are there more durable or less expensive alternatives that I should try?


    Thanks in advance.


      Get last year's models at deep discounts. If they were good last year, they still are, even if the new model is "better".  If you're buying shoes for less than $50, who cares if they only last 200 miles.


      If you wear out the outsole before the midsole becomes "dead" or the uppers fall apart, you should look at shoes with durable rubber. Adidas rubber is pretty good, and at least for me, Hoka rubber lasts a long time (midsole will go dead in about 150-250 miles though). Do a websearch for the shoes with the "best" rubber. Shoe reviewers like Kofuzi, Ed Budd, Ginger Runner, and Seth James DeMoor are pretty reliable in their assessments. Doctors Of Running often do side by side comparisons of shoes, and may have a list of "if you like X,  these shoes are similar".

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        I'm wondering, since you know which area's going to come off, might applying Shoe Goo before the first usage (and fairly often) help postpone the inevitable? If you run every day you'd need an alternate pair to run in while the SG's curing.

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