Blister under the toenail (Read 52 times)


    Am I the only one who gets blisters under the toenails? Granted, it's happened only 3 times and more than a year apart each time. (And yes, I know that toenails don't get blisters).


    It's not super painful, but the pressure from the blister makes the whole toe feel uncomfortable. But once I pop the blister and the pressure is reduced, there is much relief.

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      This thread is useless without pictures.




        Not much to see here.


        There is a bruise under the toenail. When I popped the blister, liquid about the size of a tear drop came out.


        The other two blisters under the toenail were actually under the big toenail, not the pinky one. Those were more painful. But I didn't take pictures of those.

          I used to get the same thing. After seeing PT for an achilles issue I learned that I grip to hard with my toes while I run.


          I try to run with "loose toes" now and haven't had another one since (despite running higher mileage).



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