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    I'm doing some pool running this week, as I'm logging 0 miles for at least 7 days due to a calf strain ($%*@ing piece of *&#^ calf mother*^!#er).


    I'm looking for some tips on how to "run" at any easy pace in the pool. Is that even possible? Even with a floatation belt, I have to work really hard just to keep my head above water. I don't have a ton of body fat (6', 142 lb), which may have something to do with it. And maybe I'm just terrible at this.


    Yesterday I essentially did a VO2-max interval workout, both to combat the boredom and to stay afloat. But common sense, and recent research, suggests that going really hard every day isn't the best idea.


    Has anyone else experienced this and managed to overcome it? Any tips for staying afloat and getting in an easy- to moderate-paced workout? Also open to suggestions for cross-training that doesn't put any stress on the calf.

      Hmmm, you're wearing a floatation device and still sinking? I normally sink up to my chin, but that's about it. Do you pump your arms?

      Could you try two floatation devices?


      As for getting a moderate effort, I guess I wouldn't necessarily worry about it. When I do aqua jogging (deep water running, btw), I either go easy or hard.  If my hard part is for a mere 30s to 1min, I go really hard. Since there's no pounding, you can go harder more often than you would otherwise.  If i know I'm doing longer intervals, say for 2 to 5 minutes, I just pace myself more like I would with outside intervals.  I think you'll maintain your running fitness better if you push in your interval sessions. I've found when I turn my aqua jogging sessions into interval workouts, they go a lot faster and are much more interesting.  Yes, I have gone for say 45  minutes at any easy effort. In those sessions, I don't worry about the intensity, just like running easy outside, but rather focus on getting the time/distance in.


      Couple tips i was given are this:

       - tether yourself to one of the pool ladders if at all possible.

      - try not to lean forward too much. Remain in a upright running posture.

      - focus on a running motion, not a biking motion. its' very easy to move your legs in a circular fashion instead of a running fashion.


      Good luck with that calf strain.

      Just a dude.

        There must be some kind of form issue going on. I can do a relaxed easy run in the pool even without a flotation device. But with one I almost don't have to move.


        My 2 cents: make sure your legs are moving like you would run. I'm not positive, but I think its bringing my leg forward that gives me lift in the water. If I take regular strides that aren't too short, then my foot and shin kinda help give me lift.


        My arms also help give me a bit of lift, and most of my forward momentum. My hands are slightly cupped (just like when running) meaning they catch a bit of water going back, and don't catch as much going forward. If I feel I need it, I can twist my wrists just a bit and use my hands to help keep me up.


        One other thing I noticed is that I naturally keep a bit more air in my lungs than normal. I don't mean to, but it just kinda happens.


        Hopefully something I typed helps a bit.





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