Logging Injuries (Read 577 times)

The shirtless wonder

    It could be helpful to have an injury log.  I saw this at attackpoint.org and thought it was a good idea.  It could help people identify what in their training is causing injuries (potentially).  It's also nice to see an injury logged and not just appear to be a sloth.



    Prince of Fatness

      I use the health note.


      The shirtless wonder

        I use the health note too but it only shows up in the calendar.  I special purpose health note is what I had in mind.
          I thought this was going to be a thread about chainsaw mishaps.  Nevermind.

          Runners run.

          Along for the Ride

            I thought this was about chainsaw injuries too...


            Greg - how is your shin feeling and hos is the recovery going?

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