Do you prefer to run on lightly packed snow or the road/sidewalk? (Read 491 times)

    Lately, I've found myself drawn to running in the snow, when possible, foregoing the road and sidewalk. There's just something about being the first to leave a fresh set of tracks on the newly fallen snow. Although it slows down my tempo runs, I can't help but think the little extra effort needed will help me in the long run. Am I deluding myself? What's your preference? And, why?

    CPT Curmudgeon

      Oooo....It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to run in the snow. My senior year of HS, we had lots of snow, and I used to run in it all the time. I loved it!
        Fresh tracks. Always. I just like it. Like the feeling and the sound, or lack therof. Once it's day-or-two-old snow, then I prefer the road where it's cleared. I only run easy in the snow, doing any kind of tempo always leads to sore hammys and/or calves.

        Runners run.

          I finally got a chance to run on fresh snow last night. I ran 3 miles right after work last night as the snow started coming down. Running down Rte 13 across the people's snow covered lawns felt great. I would've gone longer but, had to get dinner on the table. Central Mass has had virtually no snow this Winter. I shoveled for the first time this morning. The few storms we have had were melting before I would get home from work. I was running trails in ice free forests less than 3 weeks ago. Crazy.