Getting my data from Cool Running (now Active.com) (Read 739 times)


    How do I get my training log information from Coolrunning now that it is Active.com? I do not see an option to export my data. Thanks a lot! EDIT: Got it to work based on the information already provided: http://www.coolrunning.com/cgi-bin/log/display.cgi?u=USERNAME;p=PASSWORD Then select "Tools" and export your running log
      Check out the thread on this in the "behind the scenes" forum. I used both the backdoor route and downloaded it myself and I asked Active.com to retrieve it for me and someone there did. All the specific info is in the other discussion thread. Good luck.


        Send an email to coolrun@coolrunning.com and beg for it. That's what I did and someone named Sean sent it to me in just a few hours. The "back door route" people have described didn't work for me. I tried it 10 ways from Sunday to no avail. What a HUGE relief when Sean came through for me.

        Go as long as you can, and then take another step.