Running after hip replacement (Read 49 times)


    Any fellow runners here who are running after a hip replacement ?


    I would like to start a forum or support thread for us runners who have a new release on running after a replacement.


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      I am curious of your age and what your orthopedic doc opinion on this is?

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        I'm sure your Orthopedic Surgeon told you not to run. Most hips are good for 15-20 years under normal use. Pounding that joint will shorten the life of new hip. There's nothing saying you can not have a second hip replacement done again but there is a natural course that is followed and depending on age and health, a second one may not be an option.


        As Tchuck asked; what is your age?

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            Do we know what happened to Amy? Checking her log, last entry 2009. Checking athlinks looks like her last race was in 2010. See the running world article from an interview in 2008 appeared in 2009.  Doesn't look like she did the planned marathon, tho she has several half marathons on athlinks from 2009 and 2010.


            Just curious...