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    Thank you Eric for all your hard work. This is by far the most friendly and fun place for runners to meet ion the web and you deserve all the credit for it. Your patience and friendliness attracts great people. Happy B-day RA. Ewa
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      WoHoo!! Congrats!! Well done!! Thank you thank you!!
        I have to chime in along with everyone else Eric and say congratulations and give a big THANK YOU! It's been really cool watching this site evolve over the past year or so that I've been a member. I also love the forums; there is a lot of good knowledge being shared and the sense of community is amazing. I belong to a few other forums and they can sometimes get pretty snarky, but I haven't seen that here at all. Keep up the great work everybody!
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        eric :)

          Thank you everyone! I can't take all the credit. This site wouldn't be what it is without all of you. You are the ones that keep the forums cordial, entertaining and relevant. You make this site special. Thank you!


            Well...us, and beer, too! Wink k

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              Happy Birthday RA. Thank you little bars for keeping me motivated...If it weren't for you i would be so much more productive at work Smile ... oh well, at least my abs are starting to show... Big grin
                Happy Birthday RA! Big grin And thank you, Eric, for a wonderful site! Cool
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                  Eric, I've only known about this site for about three weeks and I've been won over. I've tried the rest, now I'm using the best Cool Thanks for all of your hard work!

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                    Happy birthday from me too. This is definately the best looking and best featured running log on the web.
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                      Happy BIrthday RA!!! Big grin and after not being able to get here all morning, I realize just how much I appreciate this site. Thank you so much Eric! You gave me a place to keep track of all of my information and a community of like minded runner who encouraged me while I trained for my first marathon and still encourage me everyday with their stories and experiences!

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                        Eric, this running log makes logging so much fun. So thanks a bunch! I love it!
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                          Thanks Eric! And happy birthday RA! Big grin

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                            Happy Birthday RA! Definitely a site that will grow and grow. Its inspirational, motivational, user friendly and best of all I have met some great people here that put smiles on my face day after day. Eric - you're the man. Claire xxx
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                              I never would have imagined how a running site/ log would have the power of motivation that it does! I am so thankful for this- it's beyond words. Sharing with others who also like running is the best too!!! LOVE this site. Thank you so much and Happy Birthday!!!

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                                This site rocks! I used coolrunning before this and I left the 1st of the year. I was keeping both running logs until about a month and a half ago and then I just stopped. I wasn't getting a warm and fuzzy feeling at the other site like I get here. Anyways, Thanks Eric.

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