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    So I'm just preparing our new years eve dinner and realised it will be 2008 in just 5 hours time. Mum and Dad head home to the UK in a few days time so its a chance to spend some time with them - and with a few other friends too. We're having risotto with zucchini, peas and mint to start, roast leg of lamb with all the trimmings as a main course, then probably christmas pudding that didn't get eaten at christmas for dessert (although there are options of mince pies or cheese and crackers). As I was cooking I was wondering what all my RA friends are doing this New Year. Dinner with loved ones? Party with friends? I hope whatever it is you are doing you have a fantastic night and 2008 is everything you want it to be. Happy New Year Mandy
      As I was cooking I was wondering what all my RA friends are doing this New Year. Dinner with loved ones? Party with friends?
      I currently live in a trailer on an elderly couple's property while waiting for my wife and son to get here to Arizona, and they invited me over for dinner tomorrow afternoon....Think I'll take them up on the offer, because if I don't, I'll just end up sitting in the trailer watching more of "The Shield" and/or staring at the wall... Happy New Year to YOU as well! Cool
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        Once again, just working. 7p-7a. Happy New Year!! DB

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          Happy New Year, Mandy! I want to eat at your house Smile DH, DS, and I will go out to an early dinner tomorrow, maybe catch a movie, and then be home to welcome the New Year in. Low key, but we like it Smile

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            I way over did it on the caffeine last year Shocked and did not sleep for awhile (not fun). On a positive note, I met some nice gals which led to some other interesting socials for the rest of the year. For 2007's end, my sister's family is throwing a cookout/get together earlier in the evening. After that, I may go to a party an acquaintance of mine is throwing. Reason I say may... it is 50mins away... I will be tempted to drink... my sleep schedule is already jacked and doesn't need to be pushed in the wrong direction any more... So are you staying up till it turns 2008 in Fuji?


              So are you staying up till it turns 2008 in Fuji?
              Errrrrm, no. We had dinner and watched a few fireworks. Climbed up Mt Victoria and looked at the stars. And now I'm off to bed!
                New here on RA - and here in Ireland we will be into 2008 in 11.5 hours Smile - Not as early as Fiji where it might be now Smile I'm working until 4, then head home, have a little run, then prepare dinner for myself and partner Adrienne, with my two "kids" and my sons girlfriend. Then my son will head to work, and the girls will head out on the town, as A and myself settle down at home with each other, and a bottle of champers to see in the new year, followed by an early sleep and a 5K race tomorrow to welcome in the New Year. Happy New Year to one and all... Liam in Dublin
                  We have a block party in our neighborhood, which is usually pretty fun. Hope the weather cooperates--they say it might rain. My 16 yo daughter is having a bunch of friends to our house, so I'll have to pop in on them occasionally. . .Son and hubby are going to the Outback Bowl tomorrow, so Laur and I will clean up her party then maybe take in a movie. As long as I have time to cook our traditional pork and saurkraut!! Hope everyone has a safe and fun night! Lisa
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                    Going out to watch the finals of a High School Basketball Tourney early. Then our 15 year old daughter will be entertaining some of her friends at our home. Wife and I will just enjoy some snacks and few cold Beers. Hope everyone has a Safe and Happy New Years! If you drink please dont Drive! Dead
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                      Going to the in-laws. Lots of drinking and fireworks (a great combination!). Hope everyone has a fun and safe New Years.


                        Kids are skiing today and I am working. Tonight...probably a low key dinner with husband and kids, some champagne and then we write our predictions/goals for 2008 and seal them into an envelope. Oh and we open our predictions/goals from last year and see how we did. Sometimes if we have had enough champagne the predictions are pretty far fetched. Overall pretty low key!
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                          Hopefully picking up DS15 at the airport at 11:30 pm - he's coming home after spending the holidays with my parents in Austin. He also got to go to San Diego with them and run in a 5k there. He's run every day in beautiful weather. He may refuse to get on the plane to come back to Maine!! I wouldn't blame him, actually. He works so hard at school and running, I'm glad he had a great time. Happy New Year!! Teresa

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                            No plans for us for the New Year. DH will get off work at 10pm and we'll probably share a beer and head off to bed before midnight. We are such party animals. My question is what are the traditional foods to eat to bring in the New Year? Black-eyed peas ... then what?

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                              We're invited to our friends house. We'll have heavy appetizers (I just need to bring wine and nothing else ... but will make cookies and bring crackers and cheese. Smile) We'll play games, talk and listen to music. Happy New Years to you all on RA! May it be a healthy one as well. Gabriele

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                                Plans for Today dinner with the family, enjoy some fireworks Clowning around, but nothing special to sleep Sleepyafter receiving the new year. For tomorrow morning early start the new year running. Big grin Happy New Year to all, that the new year brings a lot of blessings, health and free from injuries . And many races ... Smile
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