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    Eric, You've done a great job of pulling in a ton of great features in a really slick interface. I love it! The only thing I'd like to add - perhaps it's here somewhere - is the ability to export a javascript summary of my previous few days workouts. It's a feature that breakingthetape.com has - you can see it in action on my own blog - http://certainintelligence.blogspot.com Otherwise, you're really on to something - great functions plus really slick design. Marcus
      Marcus, Thanks for the kudos! I checked out your blog, and saw the javascript in action. Something like that is trivial to do. I might fast track this request since it's useful to all the bloggers out there. It also gave me some other ideas too so thanks! I also saw your "Running Re-cap, Exercise on the Internet, etc." entry. Any chance you would switch to this site? Have you had a chance to see the elevation graph in action? It's one of the buttons on the map's toolbar. Best of all, you don't need to sign up for the premium service to use it! eric Smile
        First up - I think I must've had a typo on the email of the first ID I set up - feel free to delete the account (I'd only put in a little dummy data). Second - yeah, I thought the javascript thing wouldn't be too hard to do and even Blogger lets people use it. If it were me, I'd add a "Powered by RunningAHEAD" tag to help you grow users. As far as this site goes, I'm going to double log my workouts for a week or two (actually triple log, because I'm currently using breakingthetape JUST for the javascript and favoriterun because of the features) and see what I like better but I wouldn't be surprised if I move over here... really seems like you've got a good thing going. And not only are your elevation maps free (I paid 12.95 for them at favoriterun!), but they're actually cooler looking. Marcus

        Go to http://certainintelligence.blogspot.com for my blog.

          I hate to compare my site to others, but I think Favoriterun is doing a disservice to the running community by charging for even the most basic features such as weekly mileage, shoe tracking, and copying routes. That's just ridiculous. Anyway, I'll get off my high horse now. I'll add the javascript hopefully within a week or two. As much as I like to add features to attract new users I need to take care of my regular users first because they are the ones that make this site successful. I would like to know which site you ultimately choose to use. I encourage everyone to provide feedbacks, especially the negative ones because that's how I make things better. eric Smile
            While I think you're right about favoriterun charging for basic stuff, I worry about talented guys like you - get a sponsor or something so this great place doesn't go away. Smile Smart move on keeping your user base manageable, too. M

            Go to http://certainintelligence.blogspot.com for my blog.

              The users of this site are my sponsors. I received many generous donations from them. Although the donations aren't sufficient to cover all my costs, they do help a lot. Besides, the most expensive part is the time invested. I have plans to generate some money to support the site in a way that will be equitable to everyone. As I like to say, the best is yet to come.

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                As I like to say, the best is yet to come.
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                  Eric, Thanks for adding the weather info. It looks great!!! onon Marc
                    Eric, Thanks for adding the weather info. It looks great!!! onon Marc
                    That's one of my favorite gizmos too! Big grin

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                      I agree completely, as a fairly new runner I find having a simple and intuitive way to log my runs gives me more of a reason to accomplish them! I agree on the idea of small web services for us to use on our pages... I am a developer and suggested that I help them wire up a Nike+ sync tool, so we can use our nike+ / pod with running ahead. Publishing this, with routes / graphs on blogs will be fantastic. Great work guys, impressed me with how many well thought out features I saw!