Does this sound like ITBS? Something else? (Read 276 times)

    I'm having a lot of pain/tightness in my left leg and I'm trying to figure out what the problem is. I haven't been to a doctor yet because it's difficult to take the time off work right now, so I'm trying to self-diagnose, as dumb as that may be. Last week, I started to feel some pain in my calf and in the area directly above my achilles. It tended to hurt more at the beginning of a run and go away as I warmed up. I wasn't too worried about it, as I often have low-grade shin/calf pain and it doesn't generally seem to lead anywhere. However, a couple of days later I did a lower body lifting workout (squats, lunges, deadlift, etc.) and since then my entire leg has been messed up. At first I thought it was just DOMS, since my right leg was pretty sore the next day, too. But now my right leg is fine and my left leg is extremely achy and dead-feeling. The pain starts way up at my hip in the front and my glute in the back and travels down the front and outside of my thigh and down into my hamstrings, past the outside of my knee and into my shin. The inside of my leg doesn't seem to be too affected. It's not really a sharp pain, more a dull but constant ache that gets worse when sitting for long periods of time (really enjoying my desk job now).


    I've been foam rolling, and it's really, really painful, especially on the outside of my thigh right above my knee. Does this sound like ITBS? I'm not sure because everything I've read about it indicates that people feel a kind of 'stabbing' pain outside the knee, and that's not really what I have (yet?). What should I be doing for rehab? I'm almost heartbroken at the thought that I may have to take some time off, but I really don't want this problem to get worse. Any advice? Thanks for reading.