Hangover-ish feeling = need to take it easy day? (Read 1014 times)

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    I feel like I have a hangover.  No alcohol involved.  But there was a full week (minus 1 rest day) of strong effort at the gym.  Running, elliptical, weights.  My feet have been aching for a few days and walking around is more of a tired stagger than a real walk.  Lol. Still, I feel like I went to a party last night and overdid it.  I attempted to sleep a full 8 hours (with space left before the alarm if my body wanted ten instead) and woke up after seven hours full of exhausting anxiety dreams.  (Back in school, incomplete work, failing classes, lost on campus.... Lol standard stuff). 


    Just an idle wondering that I may have overdone things this week.  I am exhausted every day.  Bleh.  Have any experience with this?


    (not doing weights on same groups day after day... One group per day.). I will say that after my cardio,I'm   already pretty darn tired, which is why I take a good hour to use proper form on the strength machines.  

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    Feeling the growl again

      If your body is feeling off, don't force it.  Often I plan on doing a workout, get into the warmup, and just don't feel it.  So I run easy and shift the workout to the next day.  Last night I hit the treadmill late for 12 miles, but felt pretty bad so I stopped at 5.  So, instead of ignoring what my body was telling me and pushing through it then having another bad run today, I was able to do a nice workout today.  Training plans are more like "guidelines".

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        If it was a real hangover, I'd say go ahead and run.


        Since it's not, you might consider drinking to excess today so you have an actual hangover tomorrow.


        When you get the real one, then go ahead and run.

          Yep, sounds familiar.  Except that when I feel that way, I need to take it easy for a full week.  


            Sometimes a rest day with healthy food is better for your body than a workout.  I'd go for some home made chicken soup & a good book if I were in your position.


              Yep, sounds familiar.  Except that when I feel that way, I need to take it easy for a full week.  


              That's a lot of drinking.


                If your log is accurate, then - yes, I think you may have overdone it this week and should probably take a rest day.


                As far as a similar feeling, sometimes I'll get a hangover-ish feeling when I get more sleep than usual.  But, it's usually a few hours thing and not an all day thing.

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                  With weights you  should not work the same muscle 2 days in a row.  I would lift twice a week working everything

                  at once and then run -walk 4 days a week.


                  Feet hurting do they feel hot and are they swollen.

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                    No, no heat or swelling in my feet. Just kind of achy and sore feeling.  I have been feeling a slow-growing state of fatigue over the last week though.  Sooo ready for Christmas break and not wanting any part of the festivities. Smile


                    Im not working the same muscles two days in a row. (Except my adductors and abductors because I had too little weight the day before and it did nothing.)


                    yeah, my log is accurate. I'm trying to work off a lot of weight, and trying to build my mileage gradually for running.



                    I took the day off and slept a few extra hours this afternoon. I feel a little bit better than I did but still not 100%. More like 70%.  hopefully it isn't the flu sneaking up.  I had a shot in October. 

                    Pace Goal : 14 mm

                    5k Goal: 40 minutes


                    10k, half, and marathon someday....


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                      Sometimes it's hard to know until you actually start running. I often defer decisions about how far/how fast to run until I'm actually out the door and have jogged for 10mins to see how it feels.

                      Encouragement welcome

                        I wound up taking more than one day off.  Seems I was overcome by stress and exhaustion and I've had a migraine for five days to boot.  I just didn't  feel like being alive.


                        Truth: my shin splint pain crept up on me again, even after a few days off, they were hurting.  Christmas shopping and the knowledge I wouldn't have time to cook and finish the blanket I'm making  for my Dad in time, absolutely caused me to wig out from stress.  Oh, and our family Christmas thing got moved up a day earlier, so I had ONE freaking day to do everything.


                        and then.... My dog, properly on his leash in MY FRONT YARD, was attacked by a much larger dog allowed to run loose.  He's a Yorkie, only weighs 8 pounds, and he nearly died from the three punctures in his neck, one of which was his jugular.  Other injuries as well.  He can't bark anymore.  Sad


                        So with the stress I was already feeling about the holiday, I was wiped out by nearly losing my best friend.  I had to stay with him constantly for fear of complications, so I only left the house a couple of times.   I didn't move, I didn't eat much (no appetite, but it's not like that will cause any weight loss, of course.  It'll just make me weak.)  The bizarre thing is that I saw my reflection and I looked a little thinner. Weight? I dunno.  I'm staying away from the scales because they just upset me with every pound I gain.


                        Thats why my log is empty for several days.  But at least I didn't have the flu, though the nausea from my migraine came close for a couple of days.


                        Surely after this brief break, I'll be refreshed enough (shins ready) to pick back up close to where I left off and move forward.  I have the rest of this week off so I can spend some quality time at the gym and re-establish a routine for myself.


                        Here's hoping the migraine will have dissipated by morning.  This is the first break I've gotten all week from it.


                        Happy New Year. Smile

                        Pace Goal : 14 mm

                        5k Goal: 40 minutes


                        10k, half, and marathon someday....


                        (Hey, I'm just getting started!)

                          Let me start by saying, we have all been in your shoes, just starting out that is.  I just started running about 2 years ago.  I was 42 years old and overweight (by nearly 90 pounds) and decided to make a change.  I started slow using the Wii and worked up to running.  I started with the couch to 5k plan.  Struggled with that but kept going.  The pounds started coming off then it stopped.  I was running about 10 miles a week but not loosing any weight.  I added weight watchers to it and started loosing again.  I just kept plugging away at it.  I kept running, and kept an eye on the diet.  I have had many ups and downs along the way but I am now 60 pounds lighter (still 30 to go) but I have ran many 5K's, a 5 miler, a 7 miler, a half marathon and now my husband and I are just starting our training for our first full.  I have had lots of obstacles along the way, a couple of injuries, a death in the family but yet running became my therapy.  It's the one place that I am alone with my thoughts.  It's MY time.  I enjoy runs with my friends but I also look forward to being by myself.  It's a great stress release.


                          All that said, it is important to listen to your body.  If you need a break, take it, but never take your eye off the prize.  BE PROUD of how far you have come and focus on that.  Realize that not everyone can run!  It takes a strong person to build the will to put yourself through the pain and agony of starting to run. Let's be honest it SUCKS in the beginning.  If you look back at some of my posts, one of them asked when would I feel the "LOVE".  I had been running a while and just wasn't feeling it.  My body ached!   I couldn't run two days in a row or my knees screamed at me.   It's just so hard in the beginning, but then something happens and you crave it.   Don't look back, that's who and where you have been, it's not where you are going!  You are going to be AMAZING!

                            Oh my goodness, what a crappy, stressful way to end the year.  I hope the migraine is gone (I get them too but fortunately meds work for me).  Hopefully 2013 is off to a better start.   Ease back into things, don't try to do too much too soon, and you'll get where you want to be.


                              You know you still have to get to that point where you enjoy your physical training. As in LOVE it. Not to minimize or dismiss any of the stress and horrible headaches you've had, but when you're at the point that you need to be, you will not be writing posts like this.


                              Of all the reasons you didn't run, the only legitimate one was the migraines and pain in your shins. All the other stuff? Nah. If you LOVE your workout, you will do it no matter what. Even the migraines might not stop you. Time constrains will not stop you. Your dog being terribly injured? You'll wait till he's sleeping comfortably and then you'll go out for that 30-60 minutes or whatever.


                              You've got to make your exercise something that heals you, not another stress point. Really seriously forget the need to reach goals or be good about your routine. You should be able to find a way to exercise that is fun. There should be NO pain or stress about it. It should be something you look forward to doing every day.


                              Look at this video here. Yes, this guy is nuts. He will probably break his neck one day. PLEASE do not do what he is doing. BUT, he is enjoying his routine. I have no doubt this guy looks forward to working out every day. He doesn't feel stress, he feels pleasure and fulfillment.