I Didn't Give Up (Read 905 times)


    I took up running again after a fairly long absence after recently moving to London. I've never been a big runner as my weight and bad knees have kept me from really getting into it. I did fairly well, but took a week off last week mainly because I was feeling lazy. Historically, that would have meant the end of running for me for about 6 months...a body at rest and all that (especially with a pint in one hand)...however I got back out tonight after work and did my normal run at about my normal pace and REALLY enjoyed it! In the last month, I've had a few running "firsts" - my first week running 4 days, my first week running more than 10K, my first time really understanding what a good run feels like... Big grin

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      Congrats! It really does get easier. Soon you'll be doing 10k runs like nothing!

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        ...my first time really understanding what a good run feels like... Big grin
        Runner's high...can't be beat! Smile k

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          Way to go, Bikerscott! Stick with it - you'll be glad you did!

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            Awesome job!! Keep up the good work. It won't be too long before you're on here giving your first marathon race report. Seriously, it's addicting!! The good ones really make up for all those bad ones in between. Keep it up! Sara