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    Losing weight - http://www.freewebs.com/run4life/ (VA, I peeked and could not resist, good work!!)

      Losing weight - http://www.freewebs.com/run4life/ (VA, I peeked and could not resist, good work!!)
      Thanks Trent! Blush
        AWESOME JOB VA!!!!!

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          nice job va! check it out, you beat your 1 mile pace in an 8K run in under 2 months!! Smile

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            That's really such a great site! Hey, I wanted to ask you about your body fat and h2o %ages...do you have a scale that gives both bodyfat and water? Mine only does bf, but I tend to have issues with water retention, so I am wondering if I should eventually look for one that does both. Any recommendations for brand/model? k

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              Thanks all! I use a Soehnle Body Balance Pacific Scale (model: 7328 ). It is a few years old. It does both % fat and % water. I can't vouch for it's % fat/water accuracy (I've never had an immersion test done), but it does seem to be showing the expected trend. I have tried body fat calipers on myself, with not much success (couldn't get repeatable measurements). Recall, from another thread, I did have problems with the scale reading low near the end of battery life. I think this was more my fault for not replacing the batteries when they were low. For what it's worth, Soehnle makes nice looking scales. Smile

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                VA, that is a great site. Congrats. Smile
                  Great job with the weight loss and the site Smile

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