New PR in the mile (Read 763 times)

    I just did my second mile "race" this year on the track. The first time I did the mile in early June I believe it was, I ran it in 9:45. When I ran the second mile on Monday Sept 15, I ran it in 9:08 in the wind and rain! Wohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Finished my first marathon 1-13-2008 in 6:03:37 at P.F. Chang's in Phoenix. PR in San Antonio RnR 5:45:58!!!!!! on 11-16-08 The only thing that has ever made any difference in my running is running. Goal: Break 2:30 in the HM this year Jay Benson Tri (place in Athena category) 5-10-09

      That is awesome! Congratulations!






        Congratulations! Smile



          Nice work! Next step, breaking into those 8s!

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            Great job!

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              Nice job, Terie!

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                Well at that rate of improvement, next year this time you'll be knocking on the 5 min door Very Nice improvement, Congrats.

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