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    advice please: My new year's resolution is to exercise less. I usually run anywhere from 27-32 miles weekly which is done in 5 days. I'm obsessed I think, and feel guilty and forced to run when I eat more than I want to. I'm always starving...from running assume? I never take a break unless it is a scheduled off day...I run on my B-day, Christmas, even with mono... Here is my question... will my body maintain about the same muscles and shape if I cut down to 20 miles a week? I want to run for about 45-50 minutes 4 days a week and continue with my yoga. I love my shape and size now but running is taking over my life. What do you experts think? I can cut my calories down I'm sure because my body will require less... I think I just need some reassurance that my body will maintain. I'm typing fast, during a break so if there is mistakes, I'm sorry
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      Hey, Chloe...I think even if you limited yourself to 20-25 miles/week that you would do just fine. Maybe force yourself to never run more than 2-3 consecutive days. You could still do 3 5 mile runs and one longer run. You shouldn't have any problem keeping a high level of fitness and you maybe wouldn't have to cut back your calories all that much, either, assuming that you are currently eating to maintain. I think the yoga for cross-training is great, too--something very different, but also healthy. k

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        I think you can continue to run as much as you are now or more without running taking over your life. It's more a state of mind than how many miles you are running. You are currently spending less than 5 hours per week running. If you are just doing that and are not also spending every waking moment thinking, planning, writing, reading about running and obsessing over your diet then I would say running is most certainly NOT taking over your life. 5 hours would be 2% of your week, 4% of your waking hours per week. You are running less than that. If you are running because you feel guilty about eating then I would say the issue is not with running. You talk a lot about being hungry, calories, eating and maintaining your body's shape in your post--more than you talk about running. Do you like to run?

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          I like the feeling I have after I've ran. I plan my days around running. I will not make plans in the evening on days that I have planned runs. I get up at 4:45am every morning to practice yoga (I do not have the energy to run at this hour). I leave for work with my 2 year old at 7am. I work until 3:30, I pick the 2 year old up and am home by 4:30. At best I can get on the treadmill and run from 4:45-6:00. Then I do dinner with family, play with son, get ready for tomorrow, etc. By 8:30, I soooooo tired. I don't feel like I have free time for laundry, cleaning, etc. I think about running everyday all the time, I have to convince myself not to run on my off days. When running I wear 3 knee braces on my left knee (for torn cartilidge (sp) says the MRI) and two on my right knee for protection agaisnt my ACL surgery. I do like to run---the intense feeling of power, the strength, the joy of being in shape, but I want to do the bare running to maintain my shape now, and spend more time with things I love more than running---My husband and son. Just thinking about missing a PLANNED run makes me sick. I just think that 20 miles weekly can be maintain easily. I don't run fast--9-10 min. miles so that is about 50 minutes for times a week. Shouldn't that be enough?
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            Chloe, I think that you should take it down to the simple fact that if you feel like running this amount is a burden - then run less. If you find that the weight is creeping up on you then you can either alter your calories or make the decision to run more again but I think that you will be fine. I know that you have posted before about issues surrounding food and it sounds like you are really happy with your body image at present, so that's great. I'm no expert but I would guess that running a little less will still maintain your body shape. BUT - don't feel guilty and forced to run. It sounds like you are doing lots. Running, yoga, working, taking care of a family - make sure you don't burn out. I get annoyed when I can't run and I get jealous at the moment thinking of those that can! I get a bit of a warning light though when you say that you feel sick at the thought of not running. Don't be too hard on yourself, you can always jump off that treadmill early if the laundry needs to be done. And go easy on those knees! I really do think that you will maintain your shape though. Claire xxx
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              I agree with what has been said here already, but can't help but add my own 2 cents! Big grin I think you should definitely be able to maintain your figure, general feeling of health, and overall happiness running 20 miles or less a week. To me, the most important part of that is the 'overall happiness' part... if your running isn't a positive/happy part of your life (and it does sound like you're at least feeling a little anxiety over it... "running is taking over my life... I feel guilty...") then something isn't right! Running should be fun and enjoyable first (and a good way to have a nice body only secondarily), I think. Perhaps a part your new year's resolution should be to learn to enjoy the not-running time as much as the running time? Personally, I like the day after a really long run the best... when my muscles ache and my body feels spent but I know it's healing and getting ready for my next run! Resting is an important part of running, in my humble opinion! Wink And remember... we should all be into this running thing for the long haul... so be good to your body! Big grin BTW, my new years resolution is to have a more positive attitude (especially while stuck in traffic!).. if you catch me being grumpy/cynical/bitter/cranky, call me on it! Big grin
                thanks you guys! That's why I'm here checking post everyday---everyone is supportive!
                Goals: Maintain 120 beat 5k time: 25:52 beat 10k time: 55:48 Complete one half-marathon-Jan. 10th