Bad experience with Asics Gel Nimbus 21 (Read 74 times)


    Returned a pair of these after 3 runs each of which I had to stop toward the end after experiencing a sharp pain the two outer toes of my left foot and the ball of the left foot. The shape of the shoe seemed be causing a strain on that area. Have not experienced anything like it before, with any other shoes, and after running in a new pair of Brooks seems to have gone away. Very weird. I think its just a case of some shoes that in theory would probably work don't always. Anyone else had Nimbus do strange things?



      I didn't have that with the Nimbus, but I know at one point, my Asics shoe did not work for me for 3 or 4 versions. Sometimes they change the shoe with the new version.

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        I also have a pair of Nimbus 21's. They did not cause what I would call strange issues or problematic, but I find them stiff and somewhat unresponsive. I still use them on about 1/3 of my runs. But by comparison to the Brooks and Saucony's I have, they are my least favorite. It surprises me because I always liked Asics in the past. Maybe we both got part of  bad batch


          Yeah- interesting. Re ASICS I've had 3 pairs of GT 2000's which all got under 1000k.. they tended to fall apart in the upper around the outside toe/side of foot area, even when going wider 2e/4e etc. Then I have a pair of J33's which are a good lightweight shoe for events which I've had for years and years only about 400 k's on them and they are just starting to fall apart in the upper, strangely the sole is still very good.
          Then I had some New Balance880's where the heel support malfunctioned after only about 30 k's making it impossible to run without pain. I replaced them with some more NB's 860's which lasted for 2000k.. I mean they are worn out but I could still run in them theoretically- just the sole that is compressed and worn away in some places.
          These Aduro 6's are my first pair of Brooks and I must say after 2 runs 6 k each the former toe problem has vanished and all I need to think about is running.. they seem great so far and the soles look as new.. no sign of wear at all.. that is definitely a good sign. Red sole too..Interesting looking old school style shoe.. navy and cherry colours.. actually kind of like it. but they are just there, do their job and seem to if anything enhance the run.

            The nimbus 21 was disappointing. Really just heavy and non-responsive. But I found them to be quite durable. Reliable. Much better than Nike, Adidas, Brooks. Especially the sole, just doesnt wear out.


            I dont know why, but I bought a pair of 22s on sale. Will see how they compare.

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              It's disappointing to hear Asics haven't straightened out what used to be one of the best shoes out there. I gave up on the Nimbus when the 19s came out. Those were a disaster -- I had a similar experience to what you described with your 21s. Prior to the 19s, I was devoted to all of the previous models for years - all of my PRs through dozens of marathons/1/2s are with the Nimbus. I was hoping they would figure it out with the newer models. I've been scouring ebay the past few years buying used pairs of Nimbus 17s and 18s. But they are getting harder to find now! It's a shame.