Any Other Open Map Plotting Sites Like Show Your Journey? (Read 332 times)

    Hi peoples,


    I don't run with a GPS or anything and have been using the site "Show Your Journey" (osm-syj.crans.org/), which uses OpenStreetMap, to plot my trail runs. Afterwards, I export the .gpx files and upload them to RA. The "Show Your Journey" site is currently out of commission. Anyone know of another site that I can plot trail runs on?  I can't even get the OpenStreet option on "Map My Run" to load, so don't know if this would have been a viable site to try or not.



    Gotta Flee Em All

      Can you not plot trails here on RA?

        not trails unfortunately...it'd be perfect if I could!!


        unless there's a way to access gps info that I don't know about (which is entirely possible!)

          Why not?  Select OSM from the maps list, which stands for Open Street Map

            OK, apparently I do know how. I didn't know OSM was on here! When did that appear?

              Several years ago.

                really? I never noticed that option before! Thanks!