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    I had to try to do this for my private high school. Thankfully we also had a 5K (under 40 min no less!) which was far more reasonable for folks like me who couldn't run that fast particularly in high school (or even now, I think). The worst part is that they just sort of tell you that this is a requirement, and then send you out on the track to "train" -- which basically was doing practice tests a couple times before the actual test. They never told us how to train on our own for the test, but basically said it was a sink or swim kind of situation.


    I agree with those above who said the best thing to do is to start running daily at a slower pace, and shoot for endurance. As you feel more comfortable with that, you can try incorporating some interval sessions. But definitely, with only 2-3 weeks left, you don't want to push yourself too hard such that you injure yourself trying to meet this arbitrary goal.

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      That is pretty fast to have to run.  I was a lazy bum in high school and hated running and conditioning.  I couldn't run 2 miles that fast, yet, I was the leading scorer every year. 


      They should at least let those that don't finish try out for goalkeeper.


      When I tried out for my high school soccer team as a freshman, all we did the first day was run.  It was so many laps (i forget how many), probably about an hour of running for me at that time.  Anyone who showed up the next day for practice was on the team.

      The tangents are moot.





        as to the original question, 12 minutes is still mostly aerobic and not anaerobic. 


        This all depends on who you are talking about.  For a mile and a half, 12 minutes is an 8:00mpm pace.  Now, while this is aerobic for me, I have friends who run 11 minute miles, so if they were to try to hold an 8:00 pace I'm sure they woudl be mostly anaerobic.


          This all depends on who you are talking about.  For a mile and a half, 12 minutes is an 8:00mpm pace.


          The pace those friends could hold for 12 minutes would still be mostly aerobic, though. Smile  


            just keep running everyday, you will be fine I think with the competition.  I wouldn't really do too much speedwork as you wouldn't want to get injured before your test and if you haven't been training for that long then it's more of a risk.