Report Graphs (Read 50 times)

    I know this is a simple question, but can't figure out how to show more than one graph at a time in the reports page.  How do I do it?  Thanks so much

      I did it like this:


      1. Navigate to your training log summary page.


      2. Click on the 'Widgets' button which is close to the top right-hand corner of the page - a drop down menu should appear.


      3. Click and drag the 'Activity Graph' option onto your summary page, wherever you want the new graph to appear. I've found that you need to place it in an area of the screen that's big enough to show a graph - for example, directly above or below a graph that's already on your page.  It won't work if you try and drag it into a smaller area - for example, into a narrow area underneath a small table of data.


      4. Once you've successfully dragged the 'Activity Graph' option onto a suitable area of your summary page, you'll be prompted to select from your list of saved reports.  You then need to click 'Save'.


      5. Done!


      Hope this helps.

        Nick - thanks very much.  Makes a huge difference.